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tech&match - background

tech&match was founded by Fredrik Stigbäck (B.Sc in Engineering and  Economics).
With a solid Engineering background (almost 10 years in the industry) in different positions (Design Engineer, Structural Analyst, Project Manager and Consultant) with experience of both small and large companies has given us a unique network.
In 2015 Fredrik started a new and fantastic journey when entering the recruitment business.
Combining the Engineering background, the unique network together with genuine interest of understanding human behavior and motivators has shown to be a great advantage when recruiting technical competence.

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At tech&match we are convinced that to be successful in your career one major key is to have a broad and active network. By connecting with us, we will give you an extended arm towards the market. You become part of our network.
We have daily dialogs with customers and we collaborate with both large- and small size companies. The common thing is that they all have an engineering department.
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    Having access to your profile provides us great advantage to prepare a first meeting with you to set up a future plan.
    As a team (you and us) we sort out the possibilities there is.

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    When connected with us we will inform you when a specific assignment that matches your profile shows up.

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